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    Heisei History

    From the burst of Japan’s economic bubble to the Aum Shinrikyo terrorist attacks and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown—what happened? And why? Writer and man-of-the-era Masaru Sato teams up with Keio University Professor Morihide Katayama for an exhaustive look at politics, economics, accidents, and culture of the past 30 years in Japan.

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    Japan: Endless Discovery

    Brought to you by the relatives of Admiral Perry’s attendant cameraman: stunning photographs documenting “Japan Beyond Time” using wet-plate collodion techniques from the final days of the Shogunate’s reign. Exploring the incredible development of spirituality and sense of self in Japan since pre-history until now, 150 years after the Meiji Restoration.

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    To-ji Temple

    To-ji temple, located just south of Kyoto train station, serves as headquarters for the Shingon School of Buddhism. This full-color English language guide provides the ideal introduction to To-ji’s popular Buddhist statuary and other prized works—many of them National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties—and the history behind them.

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    Ise Jingu and the Origins of Japan

    Author of several photo books about Ise Shrine, Miori Inata eloquently captures the beauty of Japan and its ancient traditions of recycling and symbiosis. This all-English edition features "the sacred place of water and forest," Ise Jingu. Revised by an American editor and British designer.

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    Samurai Castle  (Bilingual Guide to Japan)

    Written in both English and Japanese. This unique handbook provides a thorough introduction to traditional Japanese castles and features the country’s most famous castles, including those designated as World Heritage sites. A perfect gift for anyone planning to visit Japan or interested in Japanese culture.