• BookTradition

    Japanese Craftsmanship

    Part six in a series of handy bilingual guides to Japanese culture, exploring the world of Japanese collectables, apparel, tableware, and houseware. A stunning visual guide to the traditional handmade arts, written in both English and Japanese.

  • BookLiterature

    Heaven & an Absurd Amount of Free Time

    Solitude, death, eternity, memory—light, space, ocean, sky, night, wind, rain—love, music—and me (watashi), me (boku), buddy, dear—words come to vivid life. A new, revolutionary book of poetry that rings sublime with the light and darkness that is hidden in the Japanese language.

  • BookArt

    Foujita: Selected Works Vol. 3: Recollections

    In the wake of the second World War, Foujita returned to Paris and began exploring uncharted territory with his artwork. This volume covers the painter’s final great masterpieces from the late 1940s until his death in 1968.

  • BookArt

    Foujita: Selected Works Vol. 2: Foreign Lands

    This volume introduces myriad works from Foujita’s Swimming in the Earth series, completed during his time spent wandering from South America to the United States, and countries in the far east. Includes the complete collection of his war paintings, as well as works from the late 1930s to 40s entitled Unknown Foujita.

  • BookArt

    Foujita, Selected Works Vol.1: Paris

    From an unknown student studying abroad to the star of L'École de Paris—this volume introduces the complete story of the "World's Foujita," who took the world by storm with this signature "milky white" nudes. This is a comprehensive collection of Foujita's representative works from the 1910's through 1920's.

  • BookArt

    Japanese Paintings: A Selection of 101 Masterpieces

    From mural paintings of the Takamatsuzuka Tumulus to Hiroshige’s world-famous ukiyo-e prints, this book encapsulates over 1,100 years of Japanese art. A selection of 101 representative paintings reproduced with world-class printing techniques, complete with simple commentary.