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    The Joy of Vegetables: My 133 Veggie Recipes

    Exciting vegetable cuisine in true Yamawaki style. Honest veggies, their leaves, and root vegetables stand miles apart—featuring every kind of vegetable from carrots to daikon radish. Get info on how to enjoy, tips for eating more deliciously, and handling techniques—these 133 gems of recipes are certainly not to be missed!

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    Baba: Grandma’s Secret Ingredients at 92

    Neither false teeth, nor hearing aid, not a single thing forgotten—Tokiko Suzuki (affectionately nicknamed Baba) is a 92-year-old, life-long researcher of cuisine. What’s kept her health up all these years? Her own family cooking. Enjoy 40 family recipes—carefully hand-picked from over 1,500—as Baba reveals each of their secrets.

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    Hachisuka Wild Restaurant

    Wild chive pasta, chanterelle salad, mulberry-pork sauté—this book covers how to collect and enjoy wild ingredients. Includes recipes for wild ingredients, and chef Hachisuka’s essay “Feeling in the Stomach and Tongue” on the gentility, sturdiness, and profundity of natural ingredients.

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    Nissin’s Ramen Recipes

    Discover the surprising deliciousness of ramen served with choi-tashi (quick toppings) in ethnic and western arrangements. Featuring recipes by popular culinary researcher Satomi Kenmizaki, as well as original recipes by leading instant ramen producer Nissin Foods. A recipe book to transform the instant noodles we all know and love!