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  • BookArt

    National Treasures of the Future / My National Treasures (Mirai no Kokuhō・My Kokuhō)

    Introducing a large collection of master works that art historian and professor of Meiji Gakuin University, Yuji Yamashita, thinks should someday be named National Treasures of Japan. Dive in to the profound charm of Japanese art—from the pottery of the Jōmon period (14,000–300 BCE) to modern-day art.

  • BookLiterature

    100 Incredible Camping Spots: 2019/2020 (Hontoni Kimochi Ii Kyanpu-jo 100)

    The best of camping, chosen by no.1 monthly outdoor magazine BE-PAL. Selected by interesting themes: glamping, nearby hot springs, pet-friendly, and more! There’s no way you’ll be lost trying to decide where to camp with this book!

  • BookTradition

    Guide to the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu no Nyumon)

    A book that even the novice can easily understand, exploring the fundamentals of chanoyu, the Japanese Way of Tea. The perfect all-inclusive handbook for enjoying Japanese tea; covering the rules, history, utensils, recommended shops and museums, even tips on how to properly appreciate your tea container.

  • BookFood

    Let’s Drink—Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe (Kansai de Nomō: Kyotō, Osaka, soshite Kōbe)

    A delectable investigation by stand-out food magazine Salty-Sweet Pocketbook (Amakara Techō) with izakaya master and author of over 10 books on Japanese bars, Kazuhiko Ohta. Dive in to the profound food customs of Japan’s eastern Kansai region and experience an all-new culture of izakaya.

  • BookTradition

    Japanese Craftsmanship

    Part six in a series of handy bilingual guides to Japanese culture, exploring the world of Japanese collectables, apparel, tableware, and houseware. A stunning visual guide to the traditional handmade arts, written in both English and Japanese.

  • BookLanguage

    Learning Through Play: The Picture Book of Japan (Tanoshiku Asobu Manabu: Nippon no Zukan)

    Passing along Japanese culture, customs, traditions, and heart in three chapters. Chapter one introduces the heart of Japan—the deities, the demons, the lucky charms—and chapter two brings life customs and cuisine. In the final chapter, “Traditions,” you’ll learn about classical art, festivals, martial arts, and craftsmanship. This book also explores some of Japan’s outlook on the world abroad.

  • BookLiterature

    The Emperor’s Message (Ten’nō Messeji)

    A deeper dive into investigative author Kōji Yabe’s 2015 book: A Message from Emperor Akihito: The Country that Doesn’t Fight (Sensō o shi nai Kuni: Akihito Ten'nō Messēji).

    “Because I have no experience as an ordinary Japanese person, I’ve never once thought of what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve never thought about choosing any other path than that of the Imperial household.” —Emperor Akihito, American news conference, 1987

    “It doesn’t matter if stones are thrown. I want to walk amongst the people without fearing such things.” —Emperor Akihito, prior to visiting Okinawa, 1975

    “Although it may be shameful to have others think me weak, I do not live in despair.” —Empress Michiko, 1980

  • BookLiterature

    The Great Kanto Earthquake & the Hearts of the People

    Six months after the horrific earthquake of Eastern Japan—a book recording 185 days of the Emperor and Empress, who continued to meet the hearts of disaster victims. Full of deeply considerate words from Their Majesties, and the messages that carried the hopes and gratitude from their people.

  • BookTradition

    Kyoto Promenade: Autumn Colors and Snowscape

    “If I were to give you all of my favorite places to see the autumn colors, there would easily be 200 spots,” the photographer admits. With gorgeous photos and essays, this is the book to guide you as you wander in search of autumn leaves. Introducing plenty of “seasonal strolling roads,” full of Kyoto’s signature autumn wild flowers and harbingers of winter.

  • BookTradition

    Mt. Fuji: The Wellspring of Our Faith and Arts

    Why is Mt. Fuji registered as a "world heritage" site? We know every reason! This is the official book introducing Japan's most treasured mountain as an everlasting world heritage site. Discover the history and stunning scenery that has inspired not only the culture of Japan, but its religion, aesthetics, literature, and more. Written in Japanese and English.

  • BookLanguage

    Introducing Japan: Read and Understand Japanese Culture and History

    This handy beginner’s guide introduces Japanese culture, history, the traditional arts and customs and more! Perfect for anyone interested in diving into the wonderful world of Japanese culture. Written in Japanese and English.

  • BookLanguage

    My Darling’s Tokyo Strolls

    The super-couple featured in the hit manga series My Darling Is a Foreigner take a walk through Tokyo, observing how the city is changing in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics. Stroll along with them as they make one amazing discovery after another.