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    Zen & Food (Zen to Shoku)

    Famous works by Dōgen, the grandfather of Zen Buddhism, explained by prominent monk-professor and “leading garden designer” Shunmyō Masuno. Luxurious, yet simple meals and the heart of Zen-style cooking at the start of each and every shining new day.

  • BookTradition

    Gazing Zen

    Just by gazing at an open page in this book, one’s heart becomes calm and quiet. The work features both the Zen garden in stunning photographs and words that have penetrated the heart of renowned monk Shunmyō Masuno. A book to aid the troubles and worries of the modern man.

  • BookTradition

    Ise Jingu: Jouan

    Every twenty years, Ise Shrine is restored in the ancient Shikinen Sengu ceremony. The climax of the ritual, when the deity is transferred to the new shrine, is conducted in "jouan"—the “purity of darkness.” Commemorating the 62nd Shikinen Sengu that took place in 2013, this photo collection explores themes of darkness and light in its exquisite portrayals of the ceremony.

  • BookTradition

    Shinto Shrine (Bilingual Guide to japan)

    Written in both English and Japanese. This unique handbook provides a basic introduction to Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan, including prayer etiquette at shrines, ceremonies conducted for life events from childhood through old age, and famous shrines in Japan. A perfect gift for anyone planning to visit Japan or interested in Japanese culture.

  • BookTradition

    Buddhist Statuary (Bilingual Guide to Japan) 

    This unique handbook provides a handy introduction to Butsuzo (Buddhist statues), ranging from types and materials to the meaning of different hairstyles and attire, and even recommended temples. This is a must-read guidebook for anyone planning to visit Japan, and a perfect gift for readers interested in Buddhism. Written in both English and Japanese.