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    The Tale of Genji (vol.2) (Genji Monogatari)

    Written by Murasaki Shikibu over 1,000 years ago. This is Japan’s greatest literary masterpiece of all time, drawn by the delicate and magnificent stokes of manga artist Eiko Hanamura. This second volume compiles the chapters “Exile at Suma, Part 2,” “Akashi,” “The Flood Gauge,” “Asagao,” “Tamakatsura,” “The First Song of the Year,” “The Butterflies,” “Fireflies,” “A Bed of Carnations,” “Flares,” and “Spring Shoots, Part 1.”

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    Kojiki: Records of Ancient Matters (vol.1)

    A comprehensive revival of Japan’s oldest historical record, by manga artist and illustrator of legends and folklore, Machiko Satonaka. From the gods to human kind. From myths and legends to history. This first volume includes chapters “The Creation of Heaven and Earth” through “Emperor Jinmu’s Journey to the East.”

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    The Tales of Genji, Book 1 (abridged)

    Number 6 in the series of essentials, Reading the Japanese Classics. This masterpiece of Japanese literature is introduced in two selected volumes. Enjoy the splendor of Genji’s youth, the torment of his exile, and the fabulous luxury of his prosperous years in these tales of love from ancient Japan.

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    Records of Ancient Matters (abridged)

    The first of 20 volumes in the series of essentials, Reading the Japanese Classics, in both classical and modern Japanese. This ancient book—the oldest written text in Japanese history—recounts tales of the gods, the land, and the Emperor. A moving work from the creative minds and dynamic world-views of the forefathers of Japan.