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  • Book History

    The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    With the cooperation of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, distinguished Japanese photographer Tsuneo Enari brings together photographs of over one-hundred relics of the war collected over a ten-year period, delivering a stark reminder of the horror of nuclear weapons and the preciousness of the life they endanger.

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    Oto, the Lovebird: Then and Now

    It has been 12 years since photographer Go Murahigashi first introduced Oto-chan to the world. Feeling that the little parrot will only grow older and eventually pass on before him, Go has turned to his camera once again. This is an eagerly awaited photobook of Oto-chan’s most precious moments, captured with continuous warmth and sincerity.

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    The Man Who Turned Photography Into Art (Shashin o Ato ni shita Otoko)

    Etsuro Ishihara—the first man man in Japan to treat photography as art and the photographer as an artist, was the founder of gallery and collection agency Zeit-Foto Salon. This is a volume of his major contributions to the world of Japanese photography.

  • Book Modern Art

    Hidden in Nature

    From the former editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine comes a stunning collection of photography capturing the natural art of camouflage. Immerse yourself in the rich world of natural beauty amidst the forests, ocean, deserts, and snowy landscapes.

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    inner focus

    A photography book championing the snowboarder’s message: “by continuing to ride the board, a person can live this richly.” This book delivers powerful and thought provoking imagery of the snowboarder’s lively movements in the great outdoors.

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    Japanese Squirrels of Chestnut Forest

    Meet the squirrels of the chestnut groves at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake. Meals, nest making, raising pups—many years of photos capturing squirrels in their natural habitat. Get to know the true charm of the Japanese squirrel with easily digestible text and stunning images of the four seasons.

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    Snapshots of Harajuku in the 70’s, youth culture’s Holy Land, chosen by then-teenaged Non Nakamura. Street scenes, fashion kids, rock n’ roll—a collection of works by 9 photographers whose scenes radiate fresh vibes even today. Captions and forward in English and Japanese.

  • Book Modern Art

    New World Transparent Specimens 2

    In this second volume of beautiful transparent specimens of various organisms, specimen specialist Iori Tomita brings his own unique perspective to the world of fish. What can we learn from the exquisite shapes and designs of these aquatic creatures?

  • Book Modern Art

    New World Transparent Specimens

    Iori Tomita’s colorful specimens of fish and crustaceans, whose bones and flesh have been made transparent, have caused a big splash in the Japanese press. Now you can enjoy an entire collection of these stunningly fresh, life-like images.

  • Book Liberal Arts History Modern Art

    Japan 1945, Images from the Trunk

    In 1945, a young U.S. Marine Corps photographer visually documented the war-scorched landscapes of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and other cities in Japan. When he returned home, he placed the negatives of some 300 photos he had taken for personal use in a trunk and locked them away with his own devastating war memories. A long-selling, thought-provoking collection of images of the effects of war and nuclear weaponry.

  • Book Liberal Arts History Modern Art

    The Showa 30’s Gallery: Japan’s Golden Decade <1955~1964>

    A retrospective of the Showa 30s—1955 to 1964, known as the “golden decade” of postwar Japan—recorded by a photographer still active today at age 78. After a long hiatus from the camera, she was nearly 60 when she rediscovered this collection of priceless images, now compiled in one remarkable volume.

  • Book Modern Art


    Since making a splash with LIME WORKS, his first collection of photos taken at limestone quarries, Naoya Hatakeyama has become a photographer of global renown. Now BLAST, his stunning follow-up series of shots of quarry-blasting captured at the instant of the explosion, has been published in book format.