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    On a Christmas stage run by four little angels, four strange tales unfold. Full of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and cake! A picture book that makes the perfect Christmas gift.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    A Bear Family Christmas

    A family of bears attempts to celebrate Christmas before dozing off for winter hibernation. Fighting their sleepiness, the family prepares and enjoys a peaceful Christmas Eve. Tomorrow, Santa will finally deliver his presents...

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    The Samurai Lord’s Parade

    A samurai lord’s procession rings with voices chanting, “to the ground! to the ground!” urging common folk to bow in his presence. A huge horse amidst the samurai warriors, space aliens, and even dinosaurs make an appearance. The vibrant parade continues under water and in the ground—the world is completely transformed. Excite your child’s imagination and enjoy from the very start!

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Gifts from the Moon Festival

    Something strange is going on the night of the moon festival. Earlier that day, an angel had come to greet an orphan boy who’d prayed he might find some friends. What sort of friends will he make on this beautiful night?

  • Book Children Teens Kids

    New 3D Aquarium

    From the all-popular sunfish to the enthusiastic leafy sea dragon—real, easy-to-make paper crafts featuring 22 kinds of fish. Learn interesting facts about these real-world creatures as you build your paper aquarium! A great companion to Shogakukan’s NEO All New Fish Picture Book.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Cautiously Moving Forward!

    Part three in the insanely popular choose-your-own adventure series! This time, little Igura timidly departs on a test of courage. Follow the road with your finger to enjoy a new story and a new world each and every time!

  • Book Children Teens Kids

    [ Brand New ] Dinosaurs (DVD included)

    The #1 best-selling dinosaur picture book NEO Dinosaurs gets a complete power up for this all new edition! Introducing new research on the evolution of over 400 dinosaurs and pterosaurs in an easy to understand and systematic format.

  • Book Children Kids Manga Art

    Forest Crisis

    The first volume in a new series of educational manga. The forest is the source of all life on earth, but it’s quickly disappearing due to logging, global warming, and neglected artificially planted forests. Forest Crisis explores the special significance and present state of forests around the world in manga form.

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    Jump! Move! Amusement Park

    From the popular “palm-sized pop-up” series comes another book that’s perfect for carrying around. Enjoy the carousel, spinning cups, rollercoasters, and more—this tiny book packs a lot of surprises.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Neener, Neener!

    The animal friends are playing around with strange faces! Thanks to sliding pages and pop-up bits, a stuck-out tongue can really stick out long—simple, dynamic picture changes make this a book that even the smallest child can enjoy over and over again.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    My First Orchestra

    A young elementary school girl goes to her very first concert to hear her father conduct Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Just what in the world is an orchestra?!

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Big Beanie Goes Out to Play: A Summer Day in the Meadow

    A happy broad bean named Big Beanie wakes up to a beautiful summer day. His friends Peanut, Edamame, the Pod-peas, and the Green Pea siblings soon arrive carrying enormous leaves of bamboo grass which they use to build a sailboat by the stream. The gang then sails off towards a big meadow and even more veggie friends in search of summer fun.