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  • Book Literature

    Garden Treasures (Niwa no Takaramono)

    How to find nature and enjoy each time of year, introduced in heartwarming illustrations, following the seasons from the start of spring. From parks and roadside trees to flower shops—an illustrated book of discovering, observing, and connecting with the nature that’s all around you each and every day.

  • Book Children Kids

    Sneakily Tiptoeing Forward!

    These books are insanely popular! In this fourth installment of Blendy’s “explore with your finger picture books,” will little Domo find his way home?! Enjoy following the twisty roads with your finger time and time again. You’re sure to find an entirely new world every time you open this imaginative picture book.

  • Book Literature

    With My Imaginary Friend (Imajinari Furendo to)

    A unique “autobiography,” from the standpoint of a child’s imaginary friend. This is the story of growing up—a heartwarming and cleverly drawn fantasy on the realistic mysteries of life.

  • Book Kids Language

    The Night-Go-Round

    An exhausted boy makes his way to bed. But the instant he falls fast asleep, he’s taken to a strange place... One can’t help getting pulled into the frightening yet humorous atmosphere of the artwork.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Can You See What I See? Puzzle Magic

    A magical new world, masterfully crafted with mirrors and optical illusions. Original edition, first published in Japan. In addition to Seymour and his dog, Buttons, beloved characters of the Can You See What I See? series, this book features Lucky, the beckoning cat.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Sweet Potato Wife (Satsuma Imo Oku-san)

    Pulled from the ground with a cry of “hey!” a sweet potato gloriously tumbles through the air and over the sea. Just where did she land? With its fun, nonsensical situations, this is the perfect book to read aloud.

  • Book Children Teens Kids Modern Art

    Oto, the Lovebird: Then and Now

    It has been 12 years since photographer Go Murahigashi first introduced Oto-chan to the world. Feeling that the little parrot will only grow older and eventually pass on before him, Go has turned to his camera once again. This is an eagerly awaited photobook of Oto-chan’s most precious moments, captured with continuous warmth and sincerity.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Takoyaki Takosaburo

    “Let me go out!!” comes the voice of a little octopus ball, much to the surprise of the street food vendor—little takoyaki Takosaburo must set out on an adventure due to unavoidable circumstances! A fun, methodical book, written in the style of a traditional Japanese narrative folk song.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Our Song (Bokutachi no Uta)

    Artist Yuko Yamaki has transcribed a vivid image of the music one can hear when listening to nature throughout the four seasons. A score utilizing this lively concept and written by a young composer of just 8 years old, is also included at the end of the book. This is a picture book in which imagery and music resonate as one.

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    Bath Jump—1… 2… 3!

    As soon as Mo says “I’m going in first!” animals start counting off one-by-one— “I’m number 2!” “I’m number 3!”—as they splash into the tub. A super fun book of play comparing 100 animals!

  • Book Children Kids Baby Japanese Guides Language

    Learning Through Play: World Picture Book

    Life necessities, salutations, play, school, culture, and customs—learning the world while comparing all that kids hold dear, with 1,200 photographs and illustrations over 84 different themes. Special perk: a flag book of a tiny-tiny world that kids can make themselves!

  • Book Children Kids Baby

    A Very Cold Penguin

    He’s a very chilly penguin. How in the world can he warm up? Not even a scarf will do the trick. Whether he makes a fire or goes ice skating, there’s just nothing to be done. Will he ever find someplace warm?