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  • BookLiterature

    Tezuka Osamu: Running with God (Tezuka Osamu~Kami-sama no Bansou-sha)

    Tezuka Osamu, the god of manga, invariably laid the groundwork for his stories alone. A vital collection of interviews that get to the bottom of the truth of various legends with the editors who worked with the artist.

  • BookLiterature

    Earth: Easy Discourse on Outer Space (Chikyū: Yasashi Uchū no Hanashi)

    The universe wasn’t created by the big bang—When the moon dies, a day on our planet will be only eight hours long—At the center of the Milky Way is a massive black hole... Spirited physicists explain the latest in knowledge on outer space in words that even a middle schooler can understand. Wow! Space is actually interesting!!

  • BookLiterature

    How to Foster “Un-tapped Ability” (Hi Ninchi Noryoku no Sodatekata)

    Author Shigeko Bork’s daughter is the winner of a contest naming the “best high school students in the United States.” What she found at her school was that importance was placed on developing strength of character over academic study. In a future where artificial intelligence will play an active role in our society, fostering one’s inner potential—the hidden talents unmeasurable by testing and IQ scores—is of utmost priority.

  • BookTradition

    The Emperor’s Proposal (Ten’no Heika Puropozu)

    The real-life story of emperor Akihito’s college days on the tennis court some 70 years ago, thanks to journal entries and author’s notes of the man who played cupid on phone calls that led to love.

  • BookArt

    Tulips (Churippu)

    The bulb of the tulip, a flower representative of spring, is planted in autumn. How does the bulb survive the winter underground? This work follows the minute details of the bulb’s development before the bulb sprouts or flowers bloom. An enjoyable illustrated observation of nature for the spring season.

  • BookLiterature

    The Practice of Not Caring (Kodawaranai Renshyū)

    Hardship is the cause of a lot of inner fixation. Buddhist monk Ryunosuke Koike explains methods for relieving all those many hang-ups. Eighteen sections cover themes such as not fixating on equality and not stressing the rules.

  • BookLiterature

    Artificial Intelligence: Arrival & the Future (Jinkō Chinō ~ Sono Tōtatsu-ten to Mirai)

    The development of Artificial Intelligence will drastically change the landscape of industries across the globe—top researchers spell out the truth about AI and the future of life as we know it. An educational work featuring in-depth explanations with the aid of visual diagrams and mini encyclopedias.

  • BookLiterature

    How to Break the Rules of Your Mind (Atama no Kimari no Kowashi-kata)

    Deciding that the answer to something is totally obvious is anyone’s problem. But is it really that obvious? If we can toss our unfortunate sense of commonly accepted truths, we can lighten the burden on both mind and body.

  • BookLiterature

    The Practice of Not Suffering (Kurushimanai Renshyū)

    Correcting loneliness and discontent through practice—25 simple steps to train your mind throughout daily life. Say goodbye to that inadvertently cultivated self of worries.

  • BookLiterature

    The Practice of Not Thinking (Kangaenai Renshyū)

    Tips on how to take a vacation from your worries from a popular Buddhist monk, Ryunosuke Koike. Koike instructs on practices that put our senses to good use—release your frustrations and anxieties through practice, and say goodbye to overthinking. Including fiery debate with brain researcher Yuji Ikegaya. A world-wide best seller—over 1.2 million copies in 7 countries.

  • BookLiterature

    Tales of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

    Tokyo, 1964—this is the hotly exciting drama of those who cheered in the shadows of the miraculous games. As the next games approach, this work will have you relive the daring bravery and look toward the future with heart-palpitating anticipation. Fully stocked with hints on how Japan is making progress.

  • BookLiterature

    The Most-sold Medicine in the World (Sekai de Ichiban Ureteiru Kusuri)

    Statin—a medicine fighting hyperlipidaemia, taken by an estimated 400 million people worldwide. This modern medicine was discovered by a single, Japanese researcher. This is the fascinating and critical biography of a man who should be praised; a man celebrated around the world and winner of prestigious medical awards time and time again.