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  • BookTradition

    An Upside-Down History of Japan: The Three Masterminds of the Warring States (Comic edition)

    The long-awaited, best-selling comic—5 million copies sold!
    Featuring the three masterminds behind the warring states period (1467-1568) in Japan: Nobunaga, a daimyo of the war-torn country who aimed to take total control—Hideyoshi, a warlord set on surpassing the divine power of the Emperor—and Tokugawa Ieyasu, a man with a plan to turn the Emperor into a mere pawn of the Ming Dynasty.

  • BookArt

    STRIP! Portfolio 1996 – 2016

    After her 1989 debut as a manga artist, Moyoco Anno charmed and inspired readers with her affinity for realistic expression. This collection features everything from Anno’s debut through her latest works, as well as commissioned illustrations.

  • BookArt

    Jiro Taniguchi Collection

    “My Father’s Journal,” “A Distant Neighborhood,” “Solitary Gourmet”—this special collector’s edition features all of Taniguchi’s best creations, from works made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton and the Louvre, to visions not included in published volumes. Written in English, French, and Japanese.