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    Kojiki: Records of Ancient Matters (vol.2)

    A comprehensive revival of Japan’s oldest historical record, by manga artist and illustrator of legends and folklore, Machiko Satonaka. From the gods to human kind. From myths and legends to history. This second volume includes accounts such as “Yamato Takeru no Mikoto's conquest of the Kumaso people” and “Kusanagi no Tsurugi.”

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    The Tale of Genji (vol.1) (Genji Monogatari)

    Written by Murasaki Shikibu over 1,000 years ago. This is Japan’s greatest literary masterpiece of all time, drawn by the delicate and magnificent stokes of manga artist Eiko Hanamura. This first volume compiles the chapters “Kiritsubo,” “The Broom-Tree,” “Utsusemi,” “Yugao,” “Murasaki,” “The Saffron-Flower,” “The Festival of Red Leaves,” “The Flower Feast,” “Aoi,” “The Sacred Tree,” “The Village of Falling Flowers,” and “Exile at Suma.”

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    Tezuka Osamu: Running with God (Tezuka Osamu~Kami-sama no Bansou-sha)

    Tezuka Osamu, the god of manga, invariably laid the groundwork for his stories alone. A vital collection of interviews that get to the bottom of the truth of various legends with the editors who worked with the artist.

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    English of The Rose of Versailles

    “Oscar, have you ever been in love?”—140 of Rose’s lines are separated by theme in this educational book so you can enjoy her world view while learning language. Perfect for the Japanese student who wants to review their English, or fans of the manga who’d like to challenge themselves with Japanese!

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    Tale of the Showa Emperor (part 1)

    From His Majesty the General in military command to carrying the entire weight of the government on his shoulders as Emperor—this is the story of the incredible man who lived through the Showa period.

    A Big Comics original magazine and bombshell serialization that’s hailed as a shock no matter the issue. In this eagerly anticipated first volume comes the story of the former Emperor’s youth, daringly interpreted and drawn in overwhelming style.

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    The Tale of JIRO

    The product of over two years spent researching the life of now-93-year-old, still-active man of his craft, Jiro Ono. From the summer 2016 Big Comics original series of Sushi Special Edition comes the much sought-after special volume—The Tale of JIRO.

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    Shiro’s Here

    “Memories of that cat started at the house my dad built with a loan in the suburbs...” The story of a family of four and their bond to Shiro, a cat taken in by the eldest son Wataru.
    Over time, the growing children, and the family itself, change little by little—a one-volume series of episodes that unfold with stinging realism.

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    Family Scramble

    A visit to the camping grounds with the family.
    What they meet
    is a man with a dubious air
    and a very strange lantern.
    Is any of this real? Or...
    Spun throughout the whole family:
    a tale of profound mystery.

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    Tale of the Bamboo Cutter: 90th Anniversary Series

    From a series of classical Japanese literature illustrated by veteran manga artists. Passed down from time immemorial, this is the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter—a story that every man, woman, and child of Japan knows—gorgeously reimagined by artist Riyoko Ikeda, most famously known for her 1970’s shōjo manga series The Rose of Versailles. This is an accessible introduction to the classic tale and a must-have for language learners.

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    Essays in Idleness: 90th Anniversary Series

    One of the three greatest zuihitsu (collection of creative essays, lists, episodes) in manga form. Although lured into seclusion, a Buddhist monk cannot relinquish his earthly existence. Here, his observations of life and the transience of being are illustrated with depth by veteran manga artist Hōsei Hasegawa. This is the perfect gift for literary enthusiasts and language learners alike!

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    An Upside-Down History of Japan: The Three Masterminds of the Warring States (Comic edition)

    The long-awaited, best-selling comic—5 million copies sold!
    Featuring the three masterminds behind the warring states period (1467-1568) in Japan: Nobunaga, a daimyo of the war-torn country who aimed to take total control—Hideyoshi, a warlord set on surpassing the divine power of the Emperor—and Tokugawa Ieyasu, a man with a plan to turn the Emperor into a mere pawn of the Ming Dynasty.

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    STRIP! Portfolio 1996 – 2016

    After her 1989 debut as a manga artist, Moyoco Anno charmed and inspired readers with her affinity for realistic expression. This collection features everything from Anno’s debut through her latest works, as well as commissioned illustrations.