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    Hiroshige’s One Hundred Famous Views of Edo: The Legendary Iwasaki Collection

    The world’s finest printing technology and Shogakukan’s special Ukiyo-e paper give life to the colors of the earliest printings which have been preserved for 150 years. In addition to all 120 works comprising the titular series, this precious collection includes Hiroshige's Eight Views of Omi as well as memorial pictures of of the great artist.

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    Jakuchū Zoo Coloring Book

    The 32 pages of this coloring book highlight the use of masu squares that make up Itō Jakuchū’s masterpiece, the double-screen painting Birds, Animals and Flowering Plants in Imaginary Scene. The beginning of the book features a color poster and color-in picture of the right-hand screen of the painting.

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    The Hokusai Museum Coloring Book

    Thirty of Hokusai’s masterpieces for coloring, ranging from his famous renditions of Mount Fuji to pictures of waterfalls, birds, flowers, ghosts, and goblins. The book begins with a collection of special seals, a list of Hokusai’s works, and an introduction that tells all about Hokusai in ten minutes! Includes full English text.

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    Kuniyoshi Wonderland Coloring Book

    Warriors, beautiful ladies, funny creatures, cute kittens . . . Welcome to master artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s amazing world of uniquely strange ukiyo-e in 30 color-in pictures. The book opens with color pages containing tack seals and brief descriptions of Kuniyoshi’s works. Includes full English text.