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    The Allure of Hanamogera Poetry (Hanamogera Waka no Yūwaku)

    Kimihito Sasa is the so-called second coming of avant-garde Japanese poet Shūji Terayama. In this work, Sasa compares and analyzes waka poetry from the ancient Manyōshū to modern times with a new genre of poetry—hanamogera—fathered by Japanese celebrity Tamori. A book of compilations dealing with the meaning of profound vantage points and wordplay.

  • BookLiterature

    100 Incredible Camping Spots: 2019/2020 (Hontoni Kimochi Ii Kyanpu-jo 100)

    The best of camping, chosen by no.1 monthly outdoor magazine BE-PAL. Selected by interesting themes: glamping, nearby hot springs, pet-friendly, and more! There’s no way you’ll be lost trying to decide where to camp with this book!

  • BookTradition

    Japanese Art: Untold Stories Last Artisans

    The hardworking hands of Japan should be known to the world, yet today, their numbers are slowly diminishing. Noble eboshi lacquer, handmade weaving shuttles, paint brushes for maki-e art—a collection of essays from princess Akiko’s visits to the last few men of their craft who will continue to protect their art until the end.

  • BookArt

    The Man Who Turned Photography Into Art (Shashin o Ato ni shita Otoko)

    Etsuro Ishihara—the first man man in Japan to treat photography as art and the photographer as an artist, was the founder of gallery and collection agency Zeit-Foto Salon. This is a volume of his major contributions to the world of Japanese photography.

  • BookTradition

    Japanese Craftsmanship

    Part six in a series of handy bilingual guides to Japanese culture, exploring the world of Japanese collectables, apparel, tableware, and houseware. A stunning visual guide to the traditional handmade arts, written in both English and Japanese.

  • BookLanguage

    Come, Lady, Come! (Otafuku Koi Koi!)

    The new masterpiece comedic story by self-proclaimed "queen of negative thoughts" Tenten Hosokawa, author of best-selling manga Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite (My S.O. Has Got Depression) and Sore de ii (That’s Fine). A collection of comic essays for inviting happiness through rakugo, a traditional style of Japanese comedic storytelling.

  • BookTradition

    Reading & Understanding Haiku—Poetic Almanac of Seasonal Words: Winter & New Year’s

    Complete with full-color photographs and commentary on each and every poem. This is the final volume in the well-received series; accessible even for newcomers in the world of poetry! Enjoy all four poetic almanacs—Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter & New Year’s—now available as a complete set.

  • BookTradition

    Donald Keene

    International scholar of Japanese literature Donald Keene writes of his life and everyday experiences amidst Japanese people and culture. Keene, the ever-spry 95-year-old author, explores Japanese aesthetics at times with great delight, and at others, with harsh critique!

  • BookTradition

    The Shining Calendar

    Yukari Iishi may be a wildly popular horoscope writer, but this book on the 24 Japanese seasons—the “shining calendar”—combined with the colorful art of Taiko Matsu, truly speaks to the heart! Full of light and hope for times when we are surrounded by darkness.

  • BookLiterature

    Reading & Understanding Haiku—Poetic Almanac of Seasonal Words: Autumn

    A must-have for any haiku enthusiast, Autumn is the the third book in the four-season series Reading & Understanding Haiku—Poetic Almanac of Seasonal Words. Featuring stunning cover-art by master painter Chinami Nakajima.

  • BookLiterature

    Reading & Understanding Haiku—Poetic Almanac of Seasonal Words: Summer

    Second volume in a four-part series featuring all the poetic seasonal words for Japanese haiku. This is the definitive encyclopedia of seasonal terms that any Japanese person would want to collect, and an invaluable resource for haiku enthusiasts experienced and new.

  • BookTradition

    Japanese Gardens: Bilingual Guide to Japan

    This volume is the fifth book in a popular series of bilingual guides, useful for sightseeing, learning about traditional culture, and language study! Learn how to best appreciate Japanese gardens and discover the wonderful world of Kyoto temples and the vast gardens of the old samurai estates. Written in both Japanese and English with an additional glossary for ultimate comprehensibility.