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  • Book Literature

    Jay and the Ocean

    Overcoming life’s adversities and the meaning of the “form of survival” from those who have greeted the setting sun. What are the thoughts of those who surround such individuals? Three life-changing stories set on the beautiful ocean shore.

  • Book Literature


    An elementary school student is kidnapped in the Hamamatsu district of Shizuoka. When the criminal demands a ransom of $100,000, the Shizuoka police expect an all-out war...until the child’s lifeless body is discovered. Assistant Inspector Satoru begins the investigation with a serious grudge.

  • Book Fiction

    Kiichi’s Thrust: Red Dragonfly (Tsuki no Kiichi Akatonbō)

    Four men take on Domeki Kiichirota, who is dead-set on visiting 88 gambling houses under the guise of touring the country. Finally, the origin of Kiichirota’s secret sword technique! This is the all-new third installment of the Kiichi series, brought to you by a spirited period novelist.

  • Book Literature

    Buddha on the Waterside

    Bota lives on the banks of the Tama River with a group of homeless friends. Although he had once decided that he would die, he is saved by his friends and continues to live in grief.

  • Book Fiction Literature

    Enticing Things (Izanau Mono)

    A complete collection of the writings of late-author Jirō Taniguchi. This is a special volume chronicling works such as Magic Mountain (Mahō no Yama), based on his birthplace Tottori, To Somewhere (Doko ka ni), which features as its protagonist prolific British author and transplant-to-Japan Lafcadio Hearn (aka Koizumi Yakumo), and for the first time, Taniguchi’s final written work, Enticing Things: Fireworks (Izanau Mono Hanabi).

  • Book Fiction Literature

    Becoming a Masterless Samurai (Dappan Samurai)

    “My younger brother-in-law is an opponent who should be destroyed.” From the shadows of the mountains to Osaka, toward Edo—thus begins Matajuro’s solo pursuit after fleeing from Hamaoka on the coasts of old Iwami province. This volume kicks off the all-new series based on the best-selling Tsukisoi-ya Roppeita novels! Now with commentary by renowned Kabuki actor Matsumoto Kōshirō IX.

  • Book Non-fiction Literature

    Wearing White (Shiro wo Tsunagu)

    Japan’s famous Ekiden marathon isn’t only in Hakone! This is the emotional story of the Inter-Prefectural Men’s Ekiden, held every January in Hiroshima. Athletes ranging from middle school age to company men wear the pride of their team and hometown on their sashes.

  • Book Children Teens Fiction Literature

    Guard Cat of the Gods: Last Wish Granted

    With neither work nor love going smoothly, Mikoto is in a slump. At the Hanasaku Shrine one day, she meets a young apprentice priest and a cat who speaks the human language. At a special place permitting the reunion of the living and dead, Mikoto entrusts an impossible wish to the apprentice’s cat.

  • Book Fiction Literature

    The Lantern Commissioner and the Inch-High Samurai

    Invited to the bedside where the inch-high samurai dreams, the Shogun Ienari’s first wife Tadako runs away. Protect the dearest lady from the devilish hands of Oda Nobunaga’s shadowy forces! Off to the lantern commissioner and the graves of the Kunōzan Tōshō-gū​ shrine. Masaki Wakuda brings all his efforts to the table for this second volume in the new series, based on a Japanese classic.

  • Book Children Teens Fiction Literature

    Your Story Echoes in My Ears

    Popular 27-year-old Oboro Fuyutsuki has died. In her college days, Oboro and classmate from literature club, Sakutarou, had written short stories together and fallen in love. One day, however, when Oboro debuted as a writer, Sakutarou had become wrapped in jealousy. What happened to their love in a time of his jealousy toward Oboro’s talent?

  • Book Fiction Literature

    Paris Worry, Edo Worry

    Third compilation of Jirō Asada’s popular essays serialized in JAL’s international flight magazine, Skyward. A collection of 40 masterworks that capture uproarious situations of life from Japan and abroad with superb skill.

  • Book Fiction Literature

    Jennifer on My Mind

    New Yorker Larry travels to Japan alone after accepting a proposal from his love Jennifer. Lost in the unfamiliar customs of the Japanese people, Larry encounters many new people, meets with dramatic farewells, and finds himself growing along the way.