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    The Bonds Between People

    Because those who surround you are like the polishing sand of your soul—a ten-year best seller that’s caused a stir amidst Japanese companies who fail to value the importance of the human bond.

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    The Trace

    On August 6, 1945, over 70,000 people lost their lives when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. How did the survivors overcome immense challenges which followed? In five short stories, author Shaw Kuzki, whose parents survived the very same tragedy, portrays life in Hiroshima in the wake of war.

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    The Delusion of Inferiority: Zen Teachings on How to Live without Measuring Yourself Against Others

    Zen priest and best-selling author Shunmyō Masuno explores the feelings of inferiority that have come to plague so many of us in the modern world of social media. For the many of us who can't help but compare ourselves to others, thinking "am I measuring up?!" Masuno introduces Zen thought to refresh our daily life.

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    The Wisdom of Dying While Alive

    Life scientist Keiko Yanagisawa and Nihonga (Japanese drawing) artist Fumiko Hori team up to express the “meaning of life” embodied in the Heart Sutra through the most lucid contemporary Japanese rendering of the classic Buddhist text to date, accompanied by exquisite illustrations. Translated by Hideo Levy.