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  • Book Children Teens Kids Japanese Guides Language

    Complete First Year Kanji

    The magic of these materials is not only ease with which you’ll be able to remember the kanji, but that it focuses on kanji used alongside conversation learning. The important principle is “write fast”—by endeavoring to write quickly, correctly, and neatly, you will be able to learn kanji in very short amount of time.

  • Book Children Teens Kids Japanese Guides Language Manga Art

    Doraemon Selection 1: Touching Stories

    The long-awaited new volume in Doraemon's manga in translation English Comics series. With complete English text in the speech balloons and the original Japanese provided outside the picture frames, this bilingual comic is an ideal way to make Japanese language study fun. Includes such favorite Doraemon tales as “The Elephant and the Old Man” and “Goodbye Doraemon.”

  • Book Children Kids Manga Art

    Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future (Volume 1)

    The first volume of the original Tentomushi Comics edition of Fujiko F. Fujio’s beloved manga Doraemon is now available in English translation. The Japanese text is provided outside the picture frames, making this bilingual comic a handy and fun way to study the Japanese language. The rest of the series is also slated for publication in sequence.

  • Book Children Teens Japanese Guides Language

    Doraemon’s Japanese Anywhere

    Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku, author of the Yookoso! series of best-selling Japanese-language textbooks in the United States and past president of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ), teamed up with four Japanese language teachers to produce this entertaining textbook featuring Doraemon, the lovable robot-cat of manga and anime fame. Ten chapters provide not only extensive supplemental materials for Japanese language study, but an introduction to Japanese culture as well.

  • Book Japanese Guides Language Lifestyle Food Culture

    An English Dictionary of Food Words

    Edited by Yukio Hattori. This dictionary of food-related words offers translations of basic terms into English as well as French, Italian, and Chinese. Common phrases and examples of use are also provided in English. The perfect, hands-on resource for food professionals.

  • Book Japanese Guides Language

    An Illustrated English-Japanese Dictionary of Japanese Life

    This Japanese-English bilingual guide to Japanese life is lavishly illustrated with some 560 photos and illustrations. The thorough yet easy-to-read text includes chapters on geography, customs, traditional culture, sports and entertainment, and society. A must for anyone traveling to Japan, whether for study, business, or pleasure.