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    Let’s Drink—Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe (Kansai de Nomō: Kyotō, Osaka, soshite Kōbe)

    A delectable investigation by stand-out food magazine Salty-Sweet Pocketbook (Amakara Techō) with izakaya master and author of over 10 books on Japanese bars, Kazuhiko Ohta. Dive in to the profound food customs of Japan’s eastern Kansai region and experience an all-new culture of izakaya.

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    Takoyaki Takosaburo

    “Let me go out!!” comes the voice of a little octopus ball, much to the surprise of the street food vendor—little takoyaki Takosaburo must set out on an adventure due to unavoidable circumstances! A fun, methodical book, written in the style of a traditional Japanese narrative folk song.

  • Book Fiction Literature

    Extreme Egg

    At a natural foods shop, the ultimate, best quality egg is sold as the ever-popular “extreme egg.” That is, until it’s found to be the source of an outbreak of deaths by food poisoning. Kiriko Sejima, reporter for a major newspaper, begins to investigate under suspicion that genetic modification may be behind it all...

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    Princess of the Country of Soup

    As a former chef, I have taken up work making a bowl of soup every night for a mistress who lives alone in an old estate—one man faces the challenges of the mansion’s “soup riddle” with a cook-book-obsessed woman who’s closed her heart to the world. A story of hope and second chances written by an active chef.

  • Book Children Teens Fiction Literature

    Kamogawa Restaurant: Hannari

    The latest in a series of five delicious and dramatic mysteries! When he comes across that food again, he thinks he’ll discover his true feelings—seeking a taste from his memory, a wandering visitor makes his way to an unmarked eatery in Kyoto.